So, you have a large investment in clipper blades

A clipper blade's usable life can be enhanced with simple maintenance habits.
  • Keep your blades clean, dry and lubricated
  • Do not over oil
  • To correctly oil a blade, put (4) drops of oil, (1) drop at each end of the rails on the comb and (1) drop of oil at one end of the blade guide on the top cutter blade.
  • As you use your blades, keep them clean by using a blade wash or spray cleaner and re-oil after cleaning.
  • Keep blades as cool as possible when using.  Occasionally stop to let them cool, use a coolant spray or use multiple blades.
  • Store blades in in a dry place after cleaning and oiling.
  • There are many cleaning and lubricating agents to provide these needs.
  • We supply andis Cool Care Plus, which is a Five-in-one coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner and rust preventative.
No matter how good your maintenance habits on your blades are, at some time they will have to be sharpened.

Finding a reliable sharpening service is as important as the care given to your blades. We provide excellent mail-in sharpening services.
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